• Wade Earp
    Wade EarpCast

    As the main subject of the film, WADE EARP prides himself on being a true-blue cowboy – a descendent of cowboy legend Wyatt Earp. Wade is one of the best cowboys on the IGRA circuit and has won a whopping 200 buckles throughout his career. But he’s still after the one buckle he’s never won: All Around Cowboy at the World Gay Rodeo Finals in Fort Worth, TX.

  • Chris Sherman
    Chris ShermanCast

    A gay 26-year-old cowboy, Chris Sherman fights small-town prejudice with his fists and says he’ll never leave Oklahoma for someplace more “accepting”. But it hasn’t always been easy. When Chris won a college scholarship to Team Rope on the school’s rodeo team, he couldn’t find a willing team-roping partner — everyone refused to rope with a gay cowboy. As a result, Chris quit rodeo and dropped out of school, but his life changed once he discovered the IGRA.

  • Char Duran
    Char DuranCast

    In traditional rodeo, women are allowed to compete only in barrel racing. On the IGRA circuit, all 13 events are open to men and women, but Char Duran, a lesbian bull rider of 14 years, has yet to win a single bull-riding buckle. Despite countless injuries, and scaring the daylights out of her girlfriend and mother, Char won’t give up until she’s reached her goal at this season’s rodeo finals. If she doesn’t, it seems she’s willing to die trying.

  • Travis Gardner
    Travis GardnerCast

    The IGRA is a charitable organization that is losing members to an alarming degree, but Travis Gardner, a ten year volunteer, is not about to give up any time soon. As he helps to keep the struggling IGRA afloat, he opens up about his decision to become a transsexual years ago, the struggles that surrounded it, and how the IGRA gave him the strength to be the man he always knew he was.

  • Ty Teigen
    Ty TeigenCast

    Everyone will tell you that Ty Teigen is the heart and soul of the IGRA. A talented cowgirl, she quit roping due to her fear of discrimination, only to find a family in the IGRA. Now that she’s faced with stage four ovarian cancer, she’s using the toughness she learned on the rodeo to combat the disease and compete again.